2023Downer OSF, Internal
RoleCinematographerClientEridge Creative
2023South East Water, Launch
RoleCinematographerClientColossal Films
2023Hark Yoga, Social Media Content
RoleCinematographerClientHark Yoga
2023BuildOz, Online Commercial 
RoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientBuildOz
2023Forever New, Corporate Video 
RoleCinematographerClientFull Stack Films
2023Rathdown St, Corporate Commercial 
2023The Women’s Spirit Project, Documentary 
RoleEditorClientColossal Films
2023Natalie Martin Watercolour, Educational Video 
RoleCinematographerClientColossal Films
2023Orygen Digital, Corporate Video 
RoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientOrygen Digital
2023The Women’s Spirit Project, Documentary Short 
RoleCinematographer & EditorClientColossal Films
2023HelpPay, Corporate Video 
RoleCinematographer, Editor & AnimatorClientPFC
2023The Giants, Feature Documentary
RoleEditor, First Assistant Director, Second Unit Cinematographer & AnimatorClient  Directors Laurence Billet & Rachel Antony
2023The Giants, Advertisement Trailer  RoleEditor Client Madman
2023What We Offer, Corporate Video  RoleCinematographer & Editor Client CSA
2023Figure Head Rockeby, Corporate Video
Role Cinematographer Client Cheer Squad
2022Useful Gifts 2023, Corporate Video
Role Director & Editor Client TEAR Fund
2022Bound, Corporate Video
Role Cinematographer Client Colossal Films
2022FAC 2023 Season, Corporate Video
Role Animator & Editor Client Colossal Films
2022SODIA Personal Visioning, Corporate Video
Role Cinematographer & Editor Client Filmtime
2022Oakdale Farm, Corporate Video
Role Cinematographer & EditorClient PFC
2022Blended Service Model, Corporate Video
Role Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient  Orygen Digital
2022FAC 2023 Season, Corporate Video
Role Animator & EditorClient  Colossal Films
2022Tractor Ventures, Corporate Video
Role Cinematographer & EditorClient PFC
2022Ripponlea House, Corporate Video
Role ProducerClient  The Local Project
2022Malvern House, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClient The Local Project
2022Who We Are, Corporate VideoRoleCinematographer & EditorClient CSA
2022Why, Corporate VideoRoleCinematographer & EditorClient 2XU
2022Aero, CommercialRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClient 2XU
2021Tractor Ventures, Corporate VideoRoleCinematographer & EditorClient PFC
2021Build Oz,  Corporate VideoRole Cinematographer & EditorClient PFC
2021Orygen Blended Service,  Corporate VideoRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient Orygen Digital
2021H2-22,  Corporate VideoRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient 2XU
2021Freeman International Trailer,  Broadcast TelevisionRole EditorClient General Strike
2021MOST,  Corporate VideoRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient Orygen Digital
2021Field Guide,  Corporate VideoRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient Christian Schools Australia
2021Build,  Corporate VideoRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient BAUM Cycles
2021Change Says “yes”,  CommercialRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient 2XU
2021Change Makers,  CommercialRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient 2XU
2021A Footballers Guide To Revolution,  Commercial TrailerRole Cinematographer & EditorClient General Strike & Sweetshop Green
2021Our Approach,  Corporate VideoRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient Hip v. Hype
2021Change Says “yes”,  CommercialRole Director, Cinematographer & EditorClient 2XU
2021Reventon, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientReventon
2020Bayden Croft, CommercialRoleEditorClientHunter Lab
2020Brand Launch, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientTear Fund
2020Frankston Leaders, LivestreamRoleCinematographerClientColossal Films
2020Send it Series, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientBAUM Cycles
2020Save The Children Ep 3, EducationalRoleEditor & AnimatorClientGeneral Strike
2020Freeman, Television DocumentaryRoleAnimator & EditorClientABC
2020Ferras & York, Corporate VideoRoleCinematographer & DesignClientHip V. Hype
2020Australian Wakeboard Championship, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientWake Boats Victoria
2020Oakdale Meats, Corporate VideoRoleCinematographer & EditorClientPFC
2019The Justice Conference, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientTEAR Fund
2019Voices for Justice, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientMicah
2019Rubbish Campaign, Online AdvertisementRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientTEAR Fund
2019The Local Project, Online Web SeriesRoleExecutive ProducerClientKintaro Studios
2018Useful Gifts, Online AdvertisementRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientTEAR Fund
2018Ripe for Change, Corporate VideoRoleCinematographer & EditorClientPFC
2018SEED, Online AdvertisementRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientTEAR Fund
2018Moboliser, Online AdvertisementRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientTEAR Fund
2018Ford Escape, Television CommercialRoleColouristClientFord / Shimmy Yay
2018Ruskin Elwood, Online AdvertisementRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientHVH
2018AFL Sports Ready, Corporate VideoRoleCinematographerClientAFL Australia
20183000 Rides, Corporate Video InstillationRoleCinematographer & EditorClientGeneral Strike
2018Nightingale 1.0, Corporate DocumentaryRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientThe Local Project
2018The CSA effect, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer & EditorClientCSA
2018EFY 2018 Update, Corporate VideoRoleAnimator & EditorClientTEAR Fund
2018Renew Our World, Corporate VideoRoleDirector, Cinematographer, Animator & EditorClientTEAR Fund
2018Timezone LazerTag, Corporate Instructional VideoRoleCinematographerClientFilmtime
2018Thrivor Crew, Corporate VideoRoleAnimator & EditorClientThrivor
2023Forever New
ClientFullstack Films
2023Rathdown St
2023The Women’s Spirit Project
ClientColossal Films
2023Natalie Martin Watercolour
ClientColossal Films
2023Orygen Digital
ClientOrygen Digital
2023The Women’s Spirit Project
ClientColossal Films
ClientThe Pearl Film Company
2023The Giants
Client  General Strike
2023What We Offer
Client CSA
2023Figure Head Rockeby
Client Cheer Squad
2022Useful Gifts 2023
Client TEAR Fund
Client Colossal Films
2022FAC 2023 Season
Client Colossal Films
2022SODIA Personal Visioning
Client Filmtime
2022Oakdale Farm
Client  The Pearl Film Company
2022Blended Service Model
Client  Orygen Digital
2022FAC 2023 Season
Client  Colossal Films
2022Tractor Ventures
Client  The Pearl Film Company
2022Ripponlea House
Client  The Local Project
2022Malvern House
Client The Local Project
2022Who We Are
Client CSA
Client 2XU
Client 2XU
2021Tractor Ventures
Client The Pearl Film Company
2021Build Oz
Client The Pearl FIlm Company
2021Orygen Blended Service
Client Orygen Digital
Client 2XU
2021Freeman International Trailer
Client General Strike
Client Orygen Digital
2021Field Guide
Client BAUM Cycles
2021Change Says “yes”
Client 2XU
2021Change Makers
Client 2XU
2021A Footballers Guide To RevolutionClient General Strike & Sweetshop Green
2021Our ApproachClient Hip v. Hype
2021Change Says “yes”Client 2XU
2020Bayden CroftClientHunter Lab
2020Brand LaunchClientTear Fund
2020Frankston LeadersClientColossal Films
2020Send it SeriesClientBAUM Cycles
2020Save The Children Ep 3ClientGeneral Strike
2020Ferras & YorkClientHip V. Hype
2020Australian Wakeboard ChampionshipClientWake Boats Victoria
2020Oakdale MeatsClientThe Pearl Film Company
2019The Justice ConferenceClientTEAR Fund
2019Voices for JusticeClientMicah
2019Rubbish CampaignClientTEAR Fund
2019The Local ProjectClientKintaro Studios
2018Useful GiftsClientTEAR Fund
2018Ripe for ChangeClientThe Pearl Film Company
2018SEEDClientTEAR Fund
2018MoboliserClientTEAR Fund
2018Ford EscapeClientFord / Shimmy Yay
2018Ruskin ElwoodClientHVH
2018AFL Sports ReadyClientAFL Australia
20183000 RidesClientGeneral Strike
2018Nightingale 1.0ClientThe Local Project
2018The CSA effectClientCSA
2018EFY 2018 UpdateClientTEAR Fund
2018Renew Our WorldClientTEAR Fund
2018Timezone LazerTagClientFilmtime
2018Thrivor CrewClientThrivor